2016-Oct-03 Diagnostic Development Biweekly Report

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  • Lab cleanup
  • Discussions with Brookhaven Tech Group (BTG) for doing HTC BPM test
  • Discussions with Sergey Antipov from Uclid Technologies about SBIR support for bunch length diagnostic
  • Drafting CRADA with Radiabeam for $10k support for follow on BNNT optical spectrum & temporal measurements this fall & follow on work fro SBIR phase II effort
  • Continue to prep for Early Career closeout


  • Wrote HZDR Camera Browser Software & installed it on OBELIX
  • Helped to clean up Lab 2
  • Training. By the end of the day all my training will be up to date except Hall D walkthrough
  • DPIT meeting
  • Started trying to understand ZEMAX
  • Started working on one camera/optics upgrade on CEBAF
  • Created Ion Extraction Chamber and sent it off to Lesker for a quote.
  • Printed two parts


  • Linac conference