2017-Apr-28 Diagnostic Development Biweekly Report

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  • IMP bunched beam studies, & isotope prep


  • Isotope production prep


  • This past 2 weeks has been spent mostly on ops-related things. This biggest item is the 2R optics anomaly, which I believe I have identified as a wiring problem with MQA2R09. I need still to identify why the Courant-Snyder plot was telling us that the problem was localized near 2R02. That misled attempts to understand this for about 3 yrs.
  • I'm so happy about finding _something_ on this topic that I don't really have other information to give you. But I have been doing some teaching to ops folks like my Ops "Hall B" compatriot Brandi Cade about what optics measurements and interpretation are "all about."