2017-Feb-17 Diagnostic Development Biweekly Report

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  • I was sick a couple days & worked with Joe on using the LeCroy scope to do the data acquisition for the IMP experiment
  • Last week I was on Vacation

Joe G

    Added new imager to 6E02 briefly but ran into illumination issues. Printed a new LED plate and it tested well on a insertable assembly. Received the parts for the one lens viewer imager. Played a little with the WaveRunner and attended an IMP meeting. Talked to Tief about an idea for a new diagnostics in Hall D. Seems like there was something else but can't remember.

Mike T

  • spreadsheet implementation of dogleg calculator algorithms
  • updating those algorithms as a result of subtle failures of iterative application
  • guiding incremental improvements of the M56 system data analysis and archiving Currents (intensity of signal) associated with different peaks now published/archived
  • Discussing with Eugene Chudakov how to use Hall D's high-energy photon detection hdw to make an improved resolution x-y map of intensity over Hall D's entrance collimator region. This ought to be useful in confirming and understanding the electron optics tuning and the diamond converter radiation pattern(s). This is presently inadequately accessible as I see it. More remains to be gained if improvements in resolution and reduction in execution clock time can be achieved.
  • renewing examination of the MOMod system preparatory to submitting test plan. Thinking about what the failures observed during QWeak running mean.
  • 25 yr service luncheon