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  • First two main sections of the ionization theory of the ghost beam -- Ion production rate, Electron/Ion trapping via the magnetic mirror effect, secondary electron production, spectral lines of hydrogen

In Progress

  • Continuing ionization theory:
    • Recombination theory: need to know the cross section and lifetime of electron-ion recombination -- should help to determine the intensity of the "ghost light"
    • Formation of ghost beam: recombination "ghost light" hits photocathode, creating more electrons that can ionize gas. These processes need to be derived in detail and the statistics determined precisely in order to get a sense of how long does this ghost beam last.
    • Using measured data, does the theory hold up? Is it consistent with the trends observed in the gun vacuum and intensity? Does it explain why the anode bias has anything to do with this? How can the ghost beam intensify with adjustments in anode bias, gun solenoid, and gun HV?
  • Creating GPT simulations of electrons AND protons with and without space charge using the JLab iFarm

Future Work

  • Once the T-Gun is made, we will see if the ghost beam exists. If it does, we'd have to rethink the ionization theory.
  • Writing and publishing a paper on simulations of ion bombardment of polarized photocathodes using Joe's measurements. Will either use GPT or IBSimu to create a simulation of ion production at GTS.

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