10-10-18 meeting notes

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Meeting notes

GPT Simulations of GTS - Ion trapping

  • Compare JLab_sol_smooth with normalized field map of the solenoid lenses from Riad. Are they the same?
  • Recalculate scaling factors for field maps of solenoid lenses...they seem to be off by a factor of 10^5
  • Create multiplot of Sum(Bx), Sum(By), and Sum(Bz), i.e. the net B-field in the x, y, and z directions as a function of time. Perhaps do the same thing with Ex, Ey, Ez.
    • Need correct field maps that extend between z=0 and z=1.2m (the range of the mag. solenoid B-field map), and between r=0 and r=0.04 (roughly the maximum diameter of the beam pipe). Will eventually get the extended E-field maps from Gabriel.

BPM measurements

  • Eventually should be able to use the "BPM" at GTS to take measurements of characteristic ion oscillation frequencies. Need to come up with a list of specifications for the experiment.

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