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  • Created a distribution of 1 million ions within the GTS beampipe with random velocities, mass, and positions and ran GPT using the GTS field maps to see if any of the particles remain trapped, with the idea of using color coding to narrow down which types of ions become trapped. Unfortunately, none of them did. All ions left the beampipe within a few microseconds.
  • Learned a bit about Poisson Superfish. May become useful in the future for creating field map files for GPT.
  • Finally have funding for travel and registration for USPAS...should get finalized relatively soon.

In Progress

  • Performing beam diagnostics on Mamun's "ghost" beam:
    • Using a BPM to measure characteristic frequencies of ions trapped within the electron beam. In theory, we should be able to determine what kinds of ions get trapped within the electron beam potential.
    • Using a spectrometer to measure emission lines due to ionization of residual gas molecules -- Electrons from the electron beam excite electrons in residual gas molecules to a higher energy state. These excited electrons then drop back down to their original energy state and emit light. Each gas molecule has characteristic emission lines associated with it, thus, we can see which kinds of ions are present in the electron beam.
    • Performing various diagnostics on the "ghost beam" to determine its origin. We can use steering magnets as a "mass spectrometer", i.e. we can measure the "ghost" particle's charge-to-mass ratio.

Future Work

  • Rapidly preparing an abstract, conference proceeding, and grant applications for IPAC 2019 in May.
  • Writing and publishing a paper on simulations of ion bombardment of polarized photocathodes using Joe's measurements. Will either use GPT or IBSimu to create a simulation of ion production at GTS.

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