200kV Wien filter - V1

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Wien specific meetings

Wien filter drawings are up to date (as of June 2017)

M:\me-group\machie\wien filter
* main folder has the original fabrication drawings we used.
* sub folder that has revised version of the original drawings to show the latest as-built changes.
* sub folder labeled "200KV" that has drawings for the differences in the 200KV wien filter.
* copy of ECO 1046 that has the analysis of the original vacuum chamber welds.
* a spreadsheet that lists all the drawings and revision status and applicability.
Note : we discussed making electrodes from one solid piece of stainless steel instead of five pieces brazed together.

Magnet Design

Jay's TOSCA Modeling

J. Benesch, "Modeling the SLAC/JLab Wien filter" media:JLab-TN-15-032.pdf
TOSCA model of air-side magnet assembly, that is (w/o Ni plates in vacuum chamber)

Coil Modified for 20Amp operation

Replace 2 layer X 14 turn/layer #16 round wire w/ 2 layer X 13 turn/layer #13 square wire
Maintain 5.00" ID chamber clearance

Magnet Steel Modifications

Coil fits within existing transverse gap (chamber to steel), but not within existing vertical gap (conflicts electrode ports)
Channels are cut into upper and lower steel yokes to allow coils to separate further (remove conflicts w/ electrode ports)
COIL RETAINER PLATES (32893-C-0008) flipped hold coil 0.124" further from mid plane (0.312 - 0.188 inches)

Vacuum Chamber Modifications

Larger coil width conflicts with magnet mount lugs
MAGNET MOUNT LUG (32893-C-0024) width reduced from 1.45 to 0.95 inches welded to vacuum chamber body reduced and moved

High Voltage Design

HV feedthroughs (20kV/15A) JLAB DCG 32893-0020

ISI/MDC version of P/N
ISI=9272001 / MDC=0815002 (20kV/15A)
MDC install kit (old ISI # 0263202 not found)
Kurt Lesker version of P/N
Kurt Lesker= IFTXE011152
20kV feedthrough/cabling (RG-8U)

Vacuum modifications

Phil/Danny increased the length of the Electrode Insulator (see JLAB DCG 32893-0112)
Increased length by 0.25" see for comparison media:171212_longerspacer.pdf
Phil/Danny increased the length of the HV Connector Spring Guide (see JLAB DCG 32893-0137)
Increased length by 0.25" see for comparison media:171212_longerguide.pdf


Brief bench test of 20kV
UITF Test #1 - high voltage only
UITF Test #2 - 200 keV beam test