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  • Learned basics of GPT - would like to come up with a model of ionization of res. gas and determine the distribution of ions at the photocathode.
  • Learned basics of C++ for ROOT...if I ever end up using it.

In Progress

  • Using GPT to model ion production and determine ion production rates
  • Going back over QE data to ensure lifetimes are accurate.

Future Work

  • Calculating/Determining where newly formed ions go: do they stay in the e-beam? Do they leave the beam? Why/How?
  • Calculating the distribution of backbombarding ions at the photocathode - need to look at their special distribution, energy distribution, etc.
  • Look into the effectiveness of having a gap in the beam that would allow ions to leave the beam during the gap. Answer similar questions as above.
  • Reading about Bethe theory- would like to come up with derivation of ionization cross section formula that Reiser gives from first principles...the formula seems too farfetched...why is it correct?

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