8-29-18 meeting notes

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Presentation edits

  • Change d^2y_e/dt^2 to d^2y_e/ds^2
  • Rethink mass of ion (M=Amp)
  • Is there a clear explanation for the ion distribution function p(s|z)?

Ideas for the future

  • Thinking about distance dependence for n_b and n_g
    • To first order, we can assume n_g is constant with distance for a given region, since ions are non-relativistic and do not move nearly as fast as electrons. Will probably need to know which ion species are present at a given location along the accelerator...might not be uniform throughout.
    • Using field maps and specs from Sajini, we should be able to create a GPT simulation and numerically determine the electron beam size. Do/can we know the Twiss parameters for the beam?
  • Calculate ion production rates and dynamics for the magnetic mirror theory concerning Mamun's observation of a post-run "beam" - could this be due to trapped ions?
    • Magnetic mirror between the biased anode and the first focusing solenoid. The ion is repelled by the positively biased anode and is repelled by the solenoid due to the magnetic mirror effect - probably due to the fact that the ions are moving too slowly (longitudinally)
    • Need to know electron current I_e, B- and E- fields, RGA spectrum to determine the gas species present at the gun (maybe we can assume some gas species present like hydrogen and nitrogen gas?), RF rep rate f (=400MHz). From this, we should be able to determine the sizes of the ion and electron beams and hence their densities n_b and n_g

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