8-8-18 meeting notes

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Presentation edits

  • Recreate ion production rate (IPR) vs beam energy (T_e) graph for large beam energies, include units for IPR.
  • Switch scattering angle definition (small vs. large for the v_e&v_g comparisons)
  • Change v_i to v_g in 3rd case (should be v_e>>v_g, not v_e>>v_i)

Ideas for the future

  • Thinking about distance dependence on IPR -- perhaps convert rates to ions/(m*s) instead of ions/(m^3*s)
  • Try renormalizing IPR to beam current (i.e. express rates as ions/(m^3*s*A))
  • Thinking about how ideal the residual gas really is -- we're assuming currently that the residual gas is ideal
  • Calculate residual gas speed v_g for each gas
  • Research Mott scattering -- relates to polarization
  • Consider what happens to the electron leaving the ion (i.e. the electron that is knocked out of the residual gas molecule) -- does it leave the beam? How much energy is transferred to the ion by the electron? Does it depend on temperature, potential energy, etc.?
  • Research repelling anodes as a 4th option for ion clearing
  • Start researching ion trapping/neutralization - starting with beam gaps (as used in e+/e- beams)

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