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  • No meeting today
  • Got GPT to work.

In Progress

  • Getting familiar with GPT. So far I'm able to have a beam of ions, electrons, and neutral particles. Now need to...
    • Figure out how to get them to interact (i.e. why do they not repel each other?)
    • Figure out how to setup a more realistic beamline other than just quadrupoles (i.e. need to add more beam elements)
    • Figure out how to color code a given species (i.e. have the electrons, ions, and neutral particles have a unique color...not sure how to do this in GPT)
    • Add space charge effects
  • Learning about ion dynamics from Alex Chao's lecture notes on Fast Ion Stability

Future Work

  • Using GPT to model ion production and determine ion production rates...is this possible?
  • According to Reiser, newly formed ions leave the beam if they are negatively charged and stay if positively charged. GPT simulations should confirm this.
  • Calculating the distribution of backbombarding ions at the photocathode - need to look at their spacial distribution, energy distribution, etc. GPT should simulate this.
  • Look into the effectiveness of having a gap in the beam that would allow ions to leave the beam during the gap. Answer similar questions as above. -- will be discussing how to implement this into GPT software.
  • Look into effectiveness of a clearing electrode. Can a Wien filter be used as a clearing electrode? What's the non-obvious difference between a vertical Wien filter and a horizontal Wien Filter?
  • Look into beam shaking as an alternative method for ion clearing.

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