9-20-18 meeting notes

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Meeting notes

GPT Simulations of GTS - Ion trapping

  • |qe| in the definition for the Lorentz factor gamma in GPT is used for unit conversion between joules and electronvolts. Need to make note of units in GPT simulations
  • Need to ask Sajini about location of anode and get more information on the field maps: specifically their history, how they were made, etc.
  • Create simulation with and without space charge - turning on space charge is essentially like turning on collisions between atoms. Turning it off might help to speed up simulations. Might be able to determine the velocity distribution of the ions with and without space charge.
  • Try inputting a custom ion distribution (instead of uniform):
    • Start with some nice GTS run, making note of the current, magnet settings, etc.
    • Determine special distribution of the electrons
    • Use electron distribution as the ion distribution (since the ions should be trapped within the electron beam.
  • Look into ion generation.

BPM measurement/diagnostic

  • See if anyone has used a BPM for ion detection in Linacs - Alex Chao's lecture notes involve circular accelerators.

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