April 14, 2017 - 200kV gun upgrade meeting

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200kV Gun

UHV clean
Degas 900C (Carpenter)
Barrel polish
Second UHV clean
S&A assembly + fiducial
Bake in UITF w/ SLAC heater table/controls
Radmon in UITF w/ FEL radmon + Sue Witherspoon software + John tubes
High voltage in UITF w/ TOSP
For diagnostics in EPICS:  radmon + UHV + anode current + analog output of HVPS to ADC/voltmeter

Gun2 NEG Tube

Gun3 Removal

Eliminating Gun Switch Software

  • Kyle building a new screen, tracking to be ready in May or June

Spellman HVPS update

  • John/Brad can now talk to HVPS

Radmon update

  • Omar will NOT be ready w/ new system => plan on borrowing from LERF (or GTS?)

SAD Schedule