April 9, 2014

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Let's meet on Wednesday at 10:30am in TL-2236 for updates on this week's mini-SAD, plans for the long summer SAD and we'll come to some resolution about how we can/should? use our group's wiki (wiki.jlab.org/ciswiki).

April SAD updates

  1. Phil (LCW)
  2. John (PSUB)
  3. Riad (Mott DAQ) ATLIS
  5. Shukui (31MHz laser)
  6. Marcy (QE scan)

Summer SAD plans

  1. Riad - Bubble (Valve, Dipole, Experiment)
  2. Joe - Mott/4K operation
  3. Matt - Brock cavity
  4. What else?

Group wiki - Media:web2wiki.pdf

  1. Home page, group photo
  2. Structure, logistics
  3. Example (MediaWiki syntax)

link to JLAB