Bubble Chamber Meeting Thursday February 8, 2018

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We will meet in TL 2236 on Thursday February 8 at 4:00 pm EST.

For those calling in we'll use the Blue Jeans [1] audio conference system.

Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 3528502673#
Meeting URL: http://bluejeans.com/3528502673


  • Bubble Chamber work at ANL

  • Bubble Chamber Beam Requirements:
Parameters Table: media:Bubble_BeamParameters_table.pdf
Sensitivity Study: media:BeamParameters_sensitivity_study_Feb2018.pdf

  • Questions:
  1. Can we run the chamber from MCC instead of Injector Service Building? Brad Cumbia was contacted
  2. Is it possible to save a unique identification tag of each bubble event in EPICS Archiver? Yes, How-To was sent to ANL

Accelerator Schedule

  • Bubble Installation: March 26 - April 6, 2018
Installation on Day shift, early lock-up at 3 pm for PSS certification
Support needed: installation, alignment, source, networking, computing

  • Bubble Run I: April 23 - May 6, 2018
Day: Beam Setup
Swing - Owl: Data taking

  • Bubble Run II: August 6 - August 19, 2018