Bubble Chamber Readiness Review Meeting: Thursday September 11, 2014

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1- Start the Readiness Review process: media:Bubble_Chamber_Readiness_11Sept2014.pdf media:Bubble_Chamber_Readiness_11Sept2014.pptx

Notes from this meeting:

  • Attendees: Rossi, Freyberger, Poelker, Meekins, Grames, and Suleiman.
  • Preliminary schedule of the review process:
  1. Bubble Chamber Safety Review: First week of December 2014 - to be able to bring the chamber on site and test it with a source.
  2. Experiment Readiness Review (Preliminary): First week of January 2015 - to be able to install the chamber in the injector and do beam studies with the test beamline and chamber.
  3. Experiment Readiness Review: First week of May 2015 - to be able to schedule (ask for PAC days), commission and run the experiment at the end of Summer 2015.