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How to login to DAQ server

  • From an accelerator machine: ssh -X compton@itfcomtradaq0

Note: compton is the COMTRA DAQ account and uses ssh authorized_keys for login - no need to enter password

Helicity Generator Board GUI

Comtra helboard.png

Execute the following:

% go_helboard.sh


Comtra hv.png

Execute the following:

% go_hv.sh

Magnet Power Supply GUI

Comtra magnetps.png

Execute the following:

% go_magnetps.sh

Note: The "~" next to the Current Readback will open up strip chart for the Magnet Current.

Right-click and "Detach" to put it in it's own window.


To start CODA

CODA3 desktop.png

Execute the following:

% startCoda

Select a configuration

From Run Control panel, select in the following order (Note: if any of the selection is already completed, move to the next step):

  1. Configurations => CODA Config => COMTRA_Sample
  2. Configure
  3. Download
  4. Prestart (or Start. Note that Start combines both Prestart and Go)
  5. Go

To stop a run

  1. End

To start a new run, select

  1. Prestart (or Start. Note that Start combines both Prestart and Go)
  2. Go
  3. End

Apply a config file change or select a new configuration

  1. Reset
  2. Repeat steps from To start CODA

CODA Script


How to analyze a run

The current COMTRA DAQ decoder is found in


This is a similar decoder setup as what is found on itfmdaq0. UITF Mott Analysis