February 14, 2019 - Weekly ME Meeting

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Today's Agenda

Gun Region
Modify anode with SHV feedthru : (MDC: SHV-10 Coaxial Feedthrough, 1 Pin, Recessed, Gounded Shield
steel roller pins
cathode electrode aft end
Booster Region
latest layout of chopper to 1/4 module media:LAYOUT14FEB19.pdf
old 1/4 module interface drawing media:11100-0008 REV F 1-3.pdf
new booster drawing media:CRM1107001-0001_-_PDF_1.pdf
Danny updated Reza's concept with corrected dimensions media:Injector upgrade Choppers to Booster v01DM.pptx

From Last Week's Agenda

Gun Region
Gun electrode assembly drawing w/ revised small mushroom for CEBAF media:ACC2003000-0310 REV A SHT 1.pdf media:ACC2003000-0310 REV A SHT 2.pdf
Booster Region
Danny's present as-is layout chopper to module media:190207_chopper2module.pdf
Reza's present concept chopper to booster media:Injector upgrade Choppers to Booster v01.pptx

From Prior Agendas

Gun Region
Recent upgrade layout from 1/24/19 media:190123_gun_to_chopper.pdf
Slides from 1/24/19 media:190123_INJ.pptx (material on slide#4 is new)