February 20, 2020 - Mechanical engineering

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Chopping Chamber

  • Keep solenoid chamber as shown
  • Show solenoids where they can be w/ threaded rods (no nuts), dimension solenoids
  • Phil, give Shaun p/n for motorized linear bellows assembly for ABC slits and MS type
  • Show what a combined MS/CP might look like, remove the CP port from chamber
  • Show the "new" combined MS+CP at location of existing CEBAF aperture, same for ABC slits
  • Keep the pump, viewer, camera part as shown
  • Ask Gary for Gubeli's 2- and 3- position insertion device, just to see
  • Don't worry about setting Z's of anything inside until we all meet/talk
  • Whenever the above is done, let's get the gang together to look and discuss

Beamline jobs w/ priorities

  • Modified 10" anode flange - hog out what's needed, move feedthru, Phil can choose roll
  • BPM's - Danny get quote, Shaun setup mtg w/ us+Musson, Phil tally "good" feedthru, and buy more
  • Solenoid - couple days to finish detail, fabricate
  • Y-chamber - detail supports for NEG, fabricate
  • First solenoid stand - when ready, fabricate
  • Y-chamber stands - re-use, but show on model
  • Y-chamber girder - something needs to be modified yes?

Solenoid sign-off

Change we have for all 10 solenoids are as follows
The 12 core bolt holes on the steel end plate (without the LCW cooling tubes) will be threaded. This will allow the 48mm IR magnets to be flush against the chopper cavity.   ETI will use Loctite 242 or similar threadlocker when torqued for final assembly. Threaded rods will be shortened.  The front plate will remain the same. 
As far as the LCW cooling tube spacing, no changes will be needed. We will keep the 7-8” of copper tubing from the magnet and we will bend and cap as needed during the install.  
Follow-up from JM : Spoke with Matt Sinnott from ETI.  They will be proceeding with the magnet fab.  He will know the schedule better as the materials start arriving in and will update us next week.  
Upon deliver MMF will do the following
unpack, inspect
if you want, hi-pot
make sure they're named serialized
bend lcw lines, add compression fitting, cap them off
terminate electrical leads, whatever dc power wants
mount to alignment fixture plates
deliver to Test Lab so they can be mounted, aligned
Meetings - we'll start meeting twice each week for beam line jobs
Mon : 1:30-2:30 in TED 2561b
Thu : 9:30-10:30 in TED 2561b