February 21, 2019 - Weekly ME Meeting

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CEBAF Updates
April SAD as-found survey of beam injector media:190221_SA_request.xlsx
Vacuum IP PS upgrade
UITF Updates
Recent Booster commissioning on -7,-8
Running beam from no-shed electrode
Status of small-shed electrode polishing
ME Components
Jay's solenoid media:190220_COIL.pdf
Small-shed Gun2 assembly drawing
ME Layouts
Danny Gun region media:190123_gun_to_chopper.pdf
Danny Booster region media:LAYOUT14FEB19.pdf
Injector CED Booster region media:injector_model_ced_values.xlsx
Danny updated Reza layout dimensions media:Injector upgrade Choppers to Booster v01DM.pptx
Joe Gun + Booster notes media:190123_INJ.pptx
Modeling Updates
Gabriel/Josh learn running existing CEBAF GPT deck from Gun to Chopper (130 kV, cathode no-shed?, anode grounded, solenoids, Jay Wiens?)
Gabriel's 200kV upgrade studies
Incorporate small-shed to CEBAF model, use GPT to compare 130kV vs. 200kV (to compare at CEBAF when installed?)
Optimize HV design for Jay's original 200KV Wien, work w/ Jay to build E/B model and evaluate in GPT, consider optical/operation improvements
Work w/ Alicia to incorporate 200KV Wien models into the CEBAF upgrade deck, for testing layout we want to build
Josh's Ion-bombardment studies (*data taken already)
*Laser spot size => summer 2017 configuration (tee @ 130kV, ground anode, VWien OFF, vs. laser size)
*Wien filter ON/OFF => fall 2017-spring 2018 (tee @ 130kV, ground anode, VWien ON vs. OFF)
Bias Anode OFF (Part I) => summer 2019 PREX opportunity (large shed @ 130kV, anode OFF, VWien=ON)
Bias Anode ON (Part II) => fall 2019-spring 2020 CREX opportunity (small shed @ 130kV, anode ON, VWien=ON)
Gun voltage (bias on/off) => fall SAD 2019 opportunity (small shed @ 130kV vs. 200kV, bias=ON/OFF, VWien=OFF)