February 29, 2016 - Elegant Layout

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1. Added marker element S_IS_20CM as a reminder that this point is 20 cm downstream of the photocathode
2. Renamed element beam line names so easier to understand.  The three are now called:
   KEV = Extends from S_IS_20CM (20 cm downstream photocathode) to VBV1M01 (valve upstream of QCM
   QCM = A single drift length L=
   MEV = Extends from VBV2M01 (valve downstream of cryounit) to IDL5M01 (final beam dump behind HDIce)
3. Because the Survey Reference Point is (X=10m, Y=20m, Z=30m) the location of the START point on the keV songsheet (corresponds to end of DK05A) is:
4. Elegant files are archived in the folder:
 * /a/itfdata/uitf/elegant/160229/
5. Elegant files are here too: 
 * media:160229_uitf.txt Lattice file.  Rename to uitf.lte before using.
 * media:160229_kev.txt Input file for keV section.  Rename to kev.ele before using.
 * media:160229_mev.txt Input file for MeV section.  Rename to mev.ele before using.
 * media:160229_kev.out.txt keV output, floor layout
 * media:160229_mev.out.txt MeV output, floor layout