GTS Improvement List - Summer 2016

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1. Remove laser from PSS (if not, replace sticky PSS laser shutter).

2. Put laser attenuator in EPICS.

3. Put ND control in EPICS.

4. Put Verdi control in EPICS.

5. Put pickoff Newport power-meter in EPICS.

6. Install QE scanner and and put controls and readout in EPICS.

7. EPICS controlled spot move.

8. Install SCAM module and its controls.

9. Install a CW laser (476.3 MHz) and a pulse laser capable of generating 420 pC bunches.

10. Put a box around QE laser table

11. Put a box around main laser table next to beamline

Photocathode Preparation Chamber

1. Put a shield for RGA (to limit light scattering from RGA filament that causes photoemission from chamber components surface that gets coated with photocathode materials during evaporation.)

2. Redesign for anode ring to mount on a paddle with a bellow (to enable flexibility in operation.)

3. Recharge Sb boat.

4. Recharge Cs-K effusion source.

5. Clean up view ports that got coated.

6. Redesign for shield paddle motion technique.

7. Add a RAV to isolate IP from chamber.

8. Add a K effusion source.

9. Redesign for top heater to operate with cathode negative bias configuration. Redesign of puck and heater stalk to hold puck by heater stalk, and eliminate need of bottom heater to serve as a transfer point. Need to use ceramic circuit breaker to electrically isolate puck.

10. Replace bottom heater with a view port.

11. Install one steel puck and one hybrid moly/steel puck.

12. Install puck with Fe foil for Kerr measurement.

13. give each puck a name (engraved).

14. Remove hanging NEGS.

15. Electrically isolate fork with Macor.

16. Fix problems with the mask.

Gun HV Chamber

1. Replace isolated anode feed through with a a longer one that is rated to 5000 V (but first, Gary must check for cathode magnet clearance)

2. Replace leaky gate valve between gun and cathode prep chambers.

3. Replace HV pure alumina R30 ceramic insulator with doped (black) R30 ceramic insulator.

4. Replace John's design shed with Yan's design shed. The Shed is already barrel polished, needs cleaning.

5. Ensure cathode is aligned, will need S&A assistance.

6. Replace NEG sheet with NEG module.

7. Replace all steel parts inside chamber with stainless steel ones.

8. Search inside chamber for ferromagnetic materials or dust.

9. Clip washers on the front flange ports.

10. Replace ion pump connector with right angle, otherwise the regular connector will not fit with the magnet installed.

11. Flip around downstream high voltage chamber support.

12. Make an extra puck to mount a polished SS steel dummy cathode for using during HV conditioning.

13. Change to Brewster's windows (but first, Gary must check for cathode magnet clearance). We checked. There are three Brewster windows ready, mounted on 2-3/4" flanges, but these are spares for the FEL lightbox. The windows are 5 inches long on one side, and 3 inch long on the other side (this gives the Brewster angle). The diameter is about 1.5 inches. We do have parts to make extra Brewster windows, but they have to be brazed to a Kovar ring, then welded to a 6 inch flange, which in turn is welded to a tube cut at the Brewster angle. This option will definitely not work for th magnetized beam, it will not fit with the magnet in. Instead, we will use green anti-reflection coated windows.

Magnetized Cathode Solenoid

1. Complete Cathode Solenoid Magnet Operational Safety Procedure.


1. Install a YAG screen on third diagnostic cross (instead of phosphorus screen). We just checked, there are spare part to make up to two YAG screen viewers. The parts are in clean room Lab 3A.

2. Replace camera on ITVGT02.

3. Install slits in first and second diagnostic crosses.

4. Install a Faraday Cup for emittance measurements. Need a new picoammeter.

5. Install 4 more RadiaBeam steerers. Need Trim cards and cables.

6. Install beamline clamps (mounts) to hold steerers.

7. Install a third beamline solenoid. Need Trim card and cables.

8. Replace glass window on ion pump VIPGT01A with metal blank.

9. Check dump ceramic break shielding.

10. Improve dump LCW cooling (put in MPS?)

11. Degas dump further.

12. Remove beam shielding tube from DP can 1.

13. Add another DP can.

14. Install an electrostatic precipitator to stop ion back-bombardment (there is one stored in cabinet in GTS enclosure).

Software and Controls

1. Update GTS main menu (add JELI, Archive ...).

Enclosure and Control Room

1. Get two new computer monitors for fellt2.

2. Get a second phone line.