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  1. The stainless steel ball electrode has been machine to accept the larger shed. Bubba has polished it in the barrel polishing (looks beautiful), and we are assembling it. Should be done Wednesday morning ready for S&A. The assembly is then all SS.The Nb ball will be put aside for future testing...with Nb shed?...
    1. Can you tell the difference? Nb on the left, SS on the right. Exactly the same barrel polishing procedure.
    2. Nb-SS electrode side by side top view.jpg
    3. Nb-SS elecotrde side view.jpg
  2. The perforate plate has been installed to shield the NEGs. Once we have the electrode assembled, we will move on to installing the extractor gauge (checking to make sure it will not protrude into the chamber volume, the Kr leak valve, etc.
  3. The prep chamber top heater has been lengthened, as well as the mask rod. Mamun and Yan are testing the beryllium-copper leaf spring received as a free sample from the vendor.
  4. The bellowed spool piece that will connect the gun to the beam line gate valve is needed to have the gun under vacuum. Danny and Gary are finalizing the drawing and should be in the machine shop some time this week. The spool had to be lengthened to meet the beam line specs set by Fay.
  5. For further discussion with Fay: Do we need another solenoid (2.5" aperture) to focus the beam on the dump besides the one already contemplated in the beam line layout?
  • What could it be?
  • What is it?.jpg
  • The ball electrode inside a box.jpg
  • The GTS gun chamber light within
  • GTS gun chamber light within.jpg