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  • Deposition chamber:
    • The long manipulator has been installed and preliminary aligned using the anode plate. The length of the manipulator has been checked to be OK.
    • The anode plate designed by John with larger diameter and 4 apertures for drive laser transport has been installed. The flange for this anode plate has been dry fitted and the anode will be biased with an electrical feedthrough on the bottom port. We have the feedthrough and viewports for this flange.
    • The top hat flange is being evaluated. The center port will have the top heater, but a short nipple is being made to ensure the heater sits on the puck properly when the manipulator is close to its shortest stroke. The top flange will also have an electrical feedthrough for a vertical NEG , and three viewports.
    • One NEG cartridge is available on a 4-1/2" CF, and also a gate valve for the front (downstream) of the gun chamber.
  • Electrodes
    • Bubbas is done polishing and cleaning the electrodes. Today we did a dry fit with the shed and the entire assembly on the ceramic. The central piece ("T") needs to be taken to the machine shop to bore the hole 1/8" deeper, since the screw sticks out preventing to slide the puck holder assembly.
    • Tomorrow morning we will disassemble the electrode set, and will give the ball cathode and the shed to Scott Williams for vacuum firing at 900C for degassing. We anticipate this helps reducing the gas load during voltage conditioning.
  • RadCon
    • Riad and Carlos met with Vashek in the GTS enclosure to discuss beam operation and beam loss scenarios for shielding and interlock configuration. Carlos provided beam line sketch and wall thickness to Vashek for preliminary calculations.
  • Deposition with long manipulator.jpg
  • Ball electrode parts clean 01.jpg
  • Deposition chamber top flange.jpg
  • Anode plate.jpg
  • Anode and spider mounted.jpg