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  • Updates
    • Puck retainer parts in machine shop until Friday!
    • Turbo pump roughing pump being repaired by Bubba. In the meantime, a second turbo+roughing pump system has been installed and is functional.
    • The 40 l/s ion pump was replaced with a smaller pump that mount to 2-3/4" flange, freeing some ports in the sheep chamber, but pump body blocks 4-1/2" port intended for NEG.
    • Matt ordered magnetic sample manipulators (Purchase Requisition 359024), 2 of them 10 inch travel/rotary to store spare puck, and one 6" travel/rotary for puck handling. Alignment bellows will be made in the machine shop with Phil and Matt's input. One of the ordered items, the 6" travel+rotary manipulator will be used in the UITF. For the GTS, we will reuse the existing 10" travel + rotary now in the UITF load-lock chamber.
    • We are using Puck # 4 in the GTS gun. "Where's my puck" document needs to be updated.
  • Figuring out top heater length. If we use the 70 mm stroke, the heater length including its flange is 14 inches. This will allow the heater to lower 0.5 inches below the chamber center line, and with the 70 m stroke, the heater will clear the manipulator for the puck.
  • Media:Figuring out top heater length.pdf
  • The electrodes (ball and shed) were vacuum degas in Big Blue. Then the assembly was dry fitted. The puck retainer is made of three pieces, starting from the front plate: ceramic (which registers the puck), puck retainer which has the three sapphire rollers that also push the puck against the ceramic ring, and a spacer between the retainer and the ceramic ring. The spacer rotates freely, making the engagement of the puck with the retracting tool difficult. This is solved by locking the retainer to the spacer via a pin, which is being done at the machine shop.
  • Electrode Assembly dry fit.jpg
  • Looking into the Death Star.jpg
  • We also checked where is the triple point with the shed. The triple point will be now shifted to the actual braze by adding a 1/6" spacer betweeh the tip of the ceramic and the shed.

This is the shed triple point position.jpg