GTS meeting 11 13 15

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media:Plan Z as of 12_2_15.pdf

media:Yan's shed version 2.0 as drawn by Danny.pdf

media:Plan Z cable interface 12_2_15.pdf

our to-do list for Plan Z includes:

detail the nipple and tapered section, the spool piece to position the ball electrode in correct location

the shed still needs to be detailed and made

the ball electrode needs to be modified with a bigger hole

have the machine shop taper the plastic R350 receptacle Media:tapered R350 receptacle.pdf

These parts are made:

media:copper "plunger" adapter to connect electrode to big insulator.pdf

media:the top-hat shaped piece that holds the R350 receptacle and forms the SF6 volume.pdf

media: clamps to hold the top hat piece on the big flange with two knife edges on one side.pdf

media:big flange with two knife edges on one side.pdf

Here's what we think Plan Z looks like today:

Plan Z 12 2 15.jpg

Here's the cable interface

Plan Z cable interface 12 2 15.jpg