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  • High voltage processing with improved gun started on November 17th
  • High voltage processing DPP vs Barrel Polished.png
    • Improvements include:
  1. Black (doped alumina) R30 insulator
  2. All SS electrodes, barrel polished
  3. Shed: Yan's design for <10 MV/m max field
  4. NEG modules (6 WP modules on bottom of chamber). Pre-activated in gun chamber, rinsed thoroughly to minimize dust
  5. Perforated plate to cover NEGs for minimizing field that can potentially lift up dust
  6. We are conditioning with SS DPP dummy wafer
  7. Horizontal viewports are now AR coated (both surfaces), measured at <1% reflection at 532 nm

  1. Spring Puck retainer on top heater for adjusting the puck-efussion source gap freely,
  2. Ceramic insulator for biasing the puck
  3. Adjustable height mask
  4. Second Cs effusion source
  5. Additional Thermo Couple to calibrate both heaters
    • Calibrating the top heater Puck temp cal.jpg

  • Beam line
    • The slits have been assembled after Bubba had to "lap" them since the gap was not uniform. Below are the measurements done by S&A.
    • The components are being laid out on the beam line to establish length of needed spool pieces.
    • The plan is to assemble the beam line up to the second valve, this allows running beam with two slits, two viewers, three solenoids and the insertable Faraday Cup
    • Media:Slits S&A gap measurements.pdf

Slit assemblies ready 01.jpg, Slit assemblies ready 02.jpg

Slit in cross.jpg

  • Cathode solenoid magnet power supply is ready - Today, DC Power group handed it over to us. Will submit OSP by the end of this week.

  • Kevin Jordan is studying the damaged YAG beam line viewer crystals
    • Removed damaged YAG side view.jpg

    • Removed damaged YAG front view is bleached.jpg