GTS meeting 2 16 16

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  • Update: Beamline has been aligned, but we are checking with C. Curtis about the dump vertical position: Dump bellows side view 01.jpg
  • Update: RadiaBeam steering magnets ordered, expected by 02/22/16.
  • Update: We are working on the cathode prep chamber, BUT the gate valve separating it form the gun seems to leak through.
  • Bubba made barrel polishing work!!!
    • Upon receiving electrode form machine shop, he had to use a file to remove deep markins
    • Then he used 320 grit sand paper
    • And finally, used 70% barrel full with corncob, and let the ball bounce for ~20 hours.
    • By polishing a small section with diamond paste (1 micron) he concluded that the finish is equivalent to that he obtains with DPP.
    • Next, polish shed! Bubba has a recipe from Mass Finishing for using first plastic cones in the tumbler, instead of the 320 grit sand paper...curious minds await
  • UITF ball corncob polished bottom view.jpg
  • UITF ball corncob polished side view.jpg
  • UITF ball corncob polished sideview 2.jpg
  • UITF ball corncob closeup view.jpg