GTS meeting 2 21 17

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1. Bakes of the beam line and prep chamber are complete. Perp chamber baseline pressure is 14 nA, beam line is below 1 nA in two ion pumps, one pump is unresponsive (had HV cable stuck during the bake). Gun ion pump current coming back to nominal, now at 0.6 nA.

2. Mamun is working on setting up the chamber for making a cathode, doing puck heat cleans, hooking up I&C, etc.

3. Bubba and Carlos are mounting the solenoids end plates (a pain!) but should be completed early Wed morning.

4. Carlos sent an email to Eric Diggs and Keith Cole asking them if the magnets and I&C can be done by this Friday, no response yet...

5. The gun top flange got hot during the prep chamber bake, Carlos asked John if silicon grease would be ok, he says it should, but also said is not bad idea just to remove the plug, clean, re-apply grease and re-inster plug. Would really like to do this before turning gun back on.

6. Since the gun got a bit warm during the bakes, Bubba and Carlos want to check its performance with voltage, and magnet off.

7. Shukui had the LPSS re-certified., As soon as Jason Delk / Eric Diggs completes magnet installation, Shukui can proceed mounting optics near the gun with the shelves already in place.