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  • The cathode prep chamber is coming together albeit at much slower pace than anticipated, lots of fixes on-the-go.
    • Phil has assembled the top flange with two NEG WPs, a viewport, the mask (on a translation stage), and the anode collector ring.
    • The two garage manipulators are installed, as is the Cs-K effusion source. Mamun loaded the K and Cs ampules.
    • The Sb boat manipulator is installed but needs to be loaded by Mamun.
    • The bottom heater is installed, it might need a longer lead screw.
    • The ion pump was relocated to the back of the chamber below the long puck manipulator.
    • The RGS needs to be installed, we'll do this last.
    • Still needed: Heater controls for each of the two cathode heaters and for the effusion sources. Motor and controls for moving up and down the bottom heater. Power supply for the Sb boat.
  • The shed originally designed by John (that achieved 375kV with pure alumina white 30 insulator) and later optimized in POISSON by Yan has been made by the machine shop. In fact, two of them have been made:
  • For both guns (GTS & UITF) , we want to line the interior with WP1250 NEG pumps per Phil's plan. So if we vent the GTS gun to install new shed and black R30 insulator, we will need to have the NEGs ready to go too. How will we know the size of the problem related to the leaky GTS gate valve? FE at low voltage? poor photcathode lifetime?
    • For UITF, we will use the barrel polished ball shown in the picture below, the black R30 insulator welded to 10" flange and sitting under vacuum (in the test cave lab), and the large grain niobium front and back electrode faces in Matt's office. Those Nb pieces were BCP-d already but they have some scratches that need polishing out. Phil will need to comment on whether we have all the internal stuff needed for the gun, to hold a puck.
    • Yan's Shed pre-barrel polishing next to ball.jpg
    • For GTS, we will use one of Yan's sheds with one of the black R30 insulators. We said we would leave what's inside the GTS gun alone and make some beam, but if we learn the leaky valve makes it necessary to recondition the gun, we can stop, replace the valve and swap out the insulator and shed. In which case, we need the second shed barrel-polished and a black R30 insulator welded to a 10" flange. John might have a 10" flange at his desk, we could give it to Worland?
    • Yan's Shed pre-barrel polishing.jpg