GTS meeting 2 28 17

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Remaining Tasks

  • Put voltage on gun with dummy puck, make sure FE is still small at 300 kV, bakeout didn't awake field emitters
  • Remove dummy puck, insert activated puck, QE scan (top priority)
  • EES: viewers and slits and SCAM and current meters at anode and cup
  • DC power: steerer magnets installed and cabled
  • Shukui: get green laser into gun, power meter working, attenuator working. Laser boxes and tubes. QE scanner in place and working again.
  • Software Control: magnets, viewers, QE scanner, current meters, Verdi laser?, SCAM, attenuator, ND filter, power meter, how are we getting VL beam?
  • Turn ON gun, make VL beam to cup, insert slits, check functionality, try a little CW, look at ion pumps
  • Repeat with magnet! grab viewer image!