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  • The beamline was put together by Bubba and Phil. After pumping down with the turbo and "flashing" the NEGs at ~150C for a couple of hours, they were able to turn on the Ion pumps. Leak checking revealed two sources, a gasket in the 6" viewer dump cross, and at one of the right angle valves on one of the ion pumps. Leaks have been fixed now. The vacuum is improving, the Ion pump indicates 12 micro Amps, good pressure without activating NEG's after replacing the leaky gasket.
  • However, it seems we will have to break vacuum again to replace the existing Phosphor screen with a YAG crystal in the viewer dump cross. This is to have a more accurate way to measure emittance at that locations.
    • Existing Phosphor screen in the viewer dump cross:
    • Phosphor screen inside viewer dump cross.jpg
    • We have a spare YAG crustal like this one installed in the two crosses between the gun and the dump
    • YAG crystal inside viewer cross.jpg
  • Survey and Alignment is scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday in the GTS.
  • This is the small steering magnet that Riad purchased from RadiaBeam and that will be used (3) in the beamline. Joe suggests to design the clamps for registering the magnet to the beampipe out of steel, to clamp the field since it extends to ~20 cm each side.
  • File:RadiaBeam Steering-magnet.pdf
    • RadiBeamsmallsteer.jpg
  • Barrel polishing: Bubba reports that: he talked to Mass Finishings and have a path forward for getting barrel polishing working for us. He will check what materials we have on hand and what we need to order.
  • The ball for the UITF gun has come back from the machine shop after widening the aperture for the new shed
  • John has submitted the work request to the machine shop to make two sheds per Yan's optimized electrostatic design.
  • We applied 325kV to the gun for the Juelich visitors. field emission was only about 5 CPS at that voltage. [1]