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  • Beamline:
    • We are having regular meetings with DC Power (J. Coleman) and Instrumentation (O. Garza) every Thursday 2:15 pm
    • The SSG will not integrate the Magnetized Beam Coil to the GTS PSS, but DC power group will add interlocks to the concrete door and a beacon, to ensure that when the door is accidentally opened the coil is de-energized, and that can only be energized when the concrete shield door is closed (which can be closed only after a sweep).
    • Riad owns the magnetized beam coil, so he is responsible for coordinating with DC Power and writing the SOP.
    • J. Gubeli and B. Freeman along with K. Jordan will take care of instrumenting the viewers. Discussions are still ongoing about the need for a trigger signal from the laser, in pulse mode.
    • S&A is done aligning the beamline, the dump bellows looks OK now.
    • We are trying to get the beamline bake for this week.
  • The cathode prep chamber is under vacuum (~30 uA I/P) with two pucks (bulk GaAs) + one puck inside the gun Media:Pic Compilation.pdf
    • The bottom cathode heater works.
    • We have tested several puck transfer maneuvers.
    • Need to adapt motor to bottom heater
    • We will utilize the existing 1/2 rack to instrument the depo chamber. We have a 50 A PS from L. Phillips (is ours now). John said he could wire up one of the SOLO (we have four) controllers to run the cathode heater. We will use the pico-ammeter currently in the GTS control room to monitor photocurrent. The only thing we need to bring form Mamun's depo chamber is the battery box chassis and the computer (including its table desk).
    • The chamber is ready for bake.
  • Prep Chamber, Gun & Beamline 02.jpgPrep Chamber, Gun & Beamline 04.jpg
  • Shed barrel polishing update.
    • Shed #1 was hand polished by Bubba with 320 grit sandpaper, then put into the barrel polisher for ~ 1 hr with corncob. Shed #2 was utilized just as a counterweight immersed in corncob and straight out of the machine shop with no further surface treatment. The results: Shed 1 comes out looking as if it were DPP, shed #2 comes out mirror finish, but the machining markings can still be seen, and the polishing scratches (inherent to the corncob / polishing media) are more easily seen.
    • So, the procedure so far: polish with 320 grit sand paper, then ~ 1 hr in the barrel polisher with corncob.
    • Next, Try cones instead of 320g grit sand paper.
    • Yan's optimized shed next to UITF ball electrode before barrel polishing
    • Yan's Shed pre-barrel polishing next to ball.jpg
    • Yan's optimized shed next to UITF ball electrode after barrel polishing
    • Yan's Shed after 320 grit & 1hr corncob barrel polish next to ball.jpg