GTS meeting 3 21 17

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  • With both solenoids at +2.0 Amps, the solenoid field direction is pointing downstream along the beam path. The field of the magnetized gun solenoid is pointing out of the photocathode into the downstream direction.
  • Conditioned Gun at 300 kV with solenoid at 0 to 300 A, left to do it at: 325, 350, 375, and 400 A. Two currents, 350 and 400 A, we attempted before but we will repeat.
  • MCRGT01 corrector was firmly fixed to beamline using Al holders.
  • Plan for next week (March 27, 2017):
  1. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: open in morning to install beamline but close in afternoon to run beam
  2. Thursday and Friday open all day for beamline bake. Turn ON the extractor gauge in Gun HV Chamber. Use GN2 heater to send 250 C hot gas through the water lines of the FCup to degas.
  3. Week of April 3rd: finish bake and instrument beamline
  • What we are working on now:
  1. Put a laser Newport powermeter at the exit window side of the gun using a RS232 for controls
  2. Put Al cover around laser tables
  3. Still trying to center the gun solenoid
  4. Do we want to keep the anode biased at +280 V all times (and while running beam)?
  • Yan and Mamun are sharpening their emittance measuring skills - now, we define emittance with no π, see [1]
  • Yan and Mamun have been measuring QE versus Gun HV: 50, 100, 200, 300 kV - see GTS logbook for preliminary results