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  • We met with J. Coleman, O. Garza, and P. Vasilauskis on Thursday March 3 to discuss the GTS timeline, and what is needed to instrument the beamline.
    • The objective is to run beam in early May.
      • 1) dc laser light making dc beam. Shukui thinks he has all the necessary epics control to adjust laser power and open/close a shutter
      • 2) We need current supplies for two solenoids and up to four corrector pairs
      • 3) we need to insert three pneumatic viewers and deliver video upstairs to a monitor
      • 4) we need to measure current on anode plate and current in the dump, via picoammeters
      • 5) we will read vacuum by monitoring the current on John's UHV ion pump power supplies, I think there are 5 ion pumps
      • 6) Matt informed M. Bickley and Carlos briefed him on the GTS project. Pam Kjeldsen contacted Carlos to know about the GTS.
    • Near term plans include:
      • 1) a tune mode generator to reduce duty factor of beam, to protect the viewers. need a clock for this
      • 2) better video cameras to grab images for emittance measurement (synched to the clock?)
    • Then in August or September, Riad's solenoid arrives. Would be nice to have the 500A supply in place by then.
  • Steering coils (STM-01-341-110) ordered from RadiaBeam would have arrived on or before June 3rd. RadiaBeam offered us similar steering magnets (STM-01-358-110) media:STM-01-358_110.pdf at the same price with delivery expected early April.

  • The beamline is baking at 175 C since last Friday. We are planning to activate the NEG pumps Wednesday morning and start cooling down for removing the oven on Thursday.
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