GTS meeting 4 12 16

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  • Beamline
    • Viewer solenoid control boxes have been wired up and installed.
    • Bubba is working on the instrument air line
    • The needle valves to control the airflow to the viewer cylinderi have arrived and are in the GTS now
    • Omar reports that as soon as the air is connected we can finish the control work., and that
    • Trigger? not sure....will get someone to locate.
  • Cathode prep chamber
    • Electricians are installing the 100A 50 VDC PS for the Sb deposition
    • Most of the equipment to make cathode is installed in the rack
    • The Cs and the K ampules have been crushed.... and the chamber is still leak tight!
    • The effusion source heater has been installed
    • Effusion source heater installed.jpg
  • High voltage conditioning. [1]
    • Kr processing up to 325 kV. Soaking overnight at 300 kV reduced FE from 1000 CPS to < 50 CPS.
    • Needs more processing
  • Barrel polishing surface characterization: Media:Surface characterization summary.pptx
    • Chris Gould completed the set of samples (anodes and 1cmx1cm samples) characterization using optical ellipsometry
    • Mamun is studying the square samples with the AFM, EDS, etc.