GTS meeting 4 26 16

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  • Mamun made the first multi-alkali photocathode in the GTS!...just not on the puck!
    • There is about 1 micro-Amp of photocurrent when illuminated with the laser.
    • The photocathode shows photocurrent when ambient light enters the chamber through uncovered viewports, and when the RGA filament is turned on.
    • Cathode puck ready for activation.jpg
    • Ready to make cathodes.jpg
    • Laser preliminary setup.jpg
  • Laser
    • Shukui is making great progress with the laser transport system
    • The LPSS has been certified by SSG
  • Magnets
    • The correctors have been installed int he beam line
    • Software (G. Croke) has provided controls for running the GTS in rack FL05B10, [1]
    • Radiabeam corrector in beamline.jpg
  • Viewers
    • Functional. They are the point where they need the EPICS screen interface to drive them in/out.
    • Joe Gubeli, Chris Gould and K. Jordan are working on the cameras.
  • Vacuum
    • All ion pumps connected to UHV supplies.
    • Each pump cable has been labeled thanks to John for providing resistive load.
  • Dump
    • Electrically isolated
    • Lead shield 'case' is now in the GTS. Will bring Vashek to check it out.
    • Shukui lent us a chiller, still needs to be connected