GTS meeting 5 24 16

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  • After demonstrating beam last week, we need RadCon approval before continuing to thread beam to the dump.
    • A procedure was submitted by Carlos to Vashek Vylet and a test run was scheduled for Monday May 23, but due to the problems listed below we could not execute the plan
  • Present technical issues preventing us from running beam
    • The Laser attenuators is not responding properly to commands form the control screen. Shukui has contacted Scott Higgins.
    • One of the Laser PSS shutters is not working. We have requested support from SSG.
  • QE cathode scanner
    • We found the chassis (two) needed for making a QE scan.
    • The software is communicating now with the doc and the VMEI crate
    • A scan can be made, and a data file is saved, but there is something inconsistent with the data file, as it reports unreasonable number compared to those using the FEL cathode scanner, both with no photocurrent.
    • Carlos is working with Pam to resolve the issue, but it might require troubleshooting the hardware.
    • The main difference with the FEL cathode scan is that the GTS needs positive bias (for the anode), rather than negative for the cathode. I reversed the batteries at no avail.
  • The issue with the Haimosn coils was resolved, now they can be driven to full 1 Amp using milli-Amps settings.
  • Brian Freeman has successfully integrated the analog video signals from all three cameras into EPICS. Now we can see the digitize image and do some measurements of spot sizes! He needs more time for calibration.
    • He has also found very good cameras that will be used for the final emittance / imaging system.
    • Check out the images here GTS beam images
  • We also noticed that the viewer shows significant amount of laser light! Why we did not see this the firs time we ran beam is not clear.
    • ITVGT01 ambient light.png
    • ITVGT01 ambient light + QE laser light.png