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  • Yan's Abstract and Poster Outline:
  1. Abstract is due by June 9, 2017
  2. Poster outline. Poster presentation: June 19, 17:00-19:00.

Title: Magnetized Electron Beam for Ion cooling at JLEIC


A “cooled” ion beam is required to achieve the desired collision luminosity at the Jefferson Lab electron-ion collider (JLEIC). Cooling is the process whereby unwanted transverse motion of ions within an accelerated bunch is transferred to “cold” electrons propagating in the same direction and at the same speed. The cooling rate can be improved if the process occurs inside a solenoidal field – so-called magnetized cooling - that forces the electrons to follow small helical trajectories thereby increasing the interaction time with ions. However, the upstream fringe field of the cooling solenoid introduces a very large beam rotation. This effect can be cancelled if the electron beam is generated in a similar field but producing rotation in the opposite direction. This poster describes the production of magnetized electron beams using a new DC high voltage photogun biased at 300kV with K_2CsSb photocathodes, and presents the current status of measurements against the backdrop of long term goals associated with a multi-year R&D effort that we hope eliminates one of the most significant technical challenges of the JLEIC design.

Poster Contents:

  1. Overall Beamline
  2. Major components: Gun solenoid and two slits
  3. Requirements of the electron beam for the JLEIC cooling
  4. Some results: measurement of beam mechanical angular momentum
  5. Technical challenges

  • Emittance Measurements: [1]