GTS meeting 6 14 16

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  • Updates!
    • John shorted out the conditioning resistor and filled back the HVPS SF6 tank to 10 psi
    • Second pico-ammeter connected with GPIB, to gun anode, needs channel name: like: IDLGT03-> Dump, IFYGT00-> Anode current channel. W. Lu is working on getting the signal in EPICS.
    • Adirana and Shukui got the laser power control with a couple of PCs, one controls the actual Verdi output power, and the other the ThorLabs waveplate attenuator.

  • Plan for this week!
    • Run >1 mA DC for RadCon survey, then start lifetime studies vs gun voltage.
    • Perhaps run at lower current, 200-300 micro-Amps to evaluate lifetime, then increase to higher currents.
  • Laser spot characteristics
    • Transverse laser spot is Gaussian
    • DC beam
    • 1/e^2 ~ 1mm