GTS meeting 8 23 16

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  • With the recently activated photocathode with QE of few percent on the outside, try to run high current beam (from now till the end of this week).
  • Once beam running is over, move the permanent magnet around the HV chamber. Check HV and FE after that to explore the effect on HV.
  • Start GTS upgrade:
    • Preparation Chamber: Wait for the new chamber to arrive. Make sure everything is ready to put the chamber together in a very short time.
    • Beamline: Focus on the location of the first solenoid and gate valve to be connected to HV chamber. Build the new beamline once the design is complete.
    • HV Chamber: This will be the focus of the initial effort. Rebuild the HV chamber between the two gate valves. Replace the the leaky gate valve on the preparation chamber side. Check for magnetized materials. The magnetized beam solenoid will be installed while the chamber is out. Install, bake the HV chamber and HV condition. Check HV with magnetized beam solenoid on. This will take about 8 weeks.
    • Finish the beamline and install the new preparation chamber.
    • Upgrade the laser system.