GTS meeting 8 30 16

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  • The gun and prep chamber have been vented, the gun removed and taken to the clean room in TL 1137 for refurbishing.
  • Mamun and Yan are working on the cathode prep chamber, removing viewports for cleaning, stalk for modification, etc.
    • Mamun has an idea for holding the puck with the top heater, this would allow for biasing the cathode and for full adjustment of the gap between the puck and the effusion source. D. Machie is looking into this...he needs a charge code....
    • John suggest to use bi-metals so that when the heater is ON, metal 'springs out'
    • Re-design mask for off-axis, talk to Danny about slotted recess, also consider electrical insulation of the mask.
    • Use this time for bottom flange the one with flat CF flanges for easier laser alignment.
  • The gate valve between the gun and the prep chamber has been removed also and taken to TL 1137 for repairs, as it leaks through.
  • The trim cards powering the magnets have been removed, and J. Delk disconnected the solenoids and steering coils.
  • Bubba and Phil moved the beam line up against the wall.
  • Shukui and Matt are talking about laser, what takes to get us started for RF timing structure (ps-long) pulses and also integrate it to SCAM for Pockell cell control to provide viewer limited beam.
  • John is working on the HVPS R350 socket and un-shorting the conditioning resistor, found tracking on the R350 socket
  • Bubba asks if instead of mounting eye-lifts on the GTS ceiling for installing Riad's solenoid magnet, mount the magnet on its 80/20 girder in the Magnet Test Lab where they have a crane, then use machine dollies to move it around in the GTS and for final positioning.
  • Starting shutdown for repairs and magent installation.jpg
  • Bubba has 'a' gun in the back of this truck.jpg