January 13, 2020 - Service providers

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Service providers discussion

Structure of these meetings

  • Focus on resource issues, status, schedule, logistics, staying on same page
  • Every two weeks for now
  • I will create a mass mailing list to communicate

Scope of 2020 SAD

  • Booster will remain at UITF in 2020 to commission HDIce, nominally moves to CEBAF in 2021 during summer SAD.
  • During the 2020 SAD we will...
-Make the gun operate at 200 kV (A: make present gun operate 200 kV, B: install new electrode)
-Reconfigure beam line extending from gun up to chopper (stretch goal is replace chopping chamber itself)
-Commission the gun + beam line with 200 keV beam

Beyond 2020 SAD

  • We will not modify the configuration downstream of chopper until new Booster goes in
-This means the capture and QCM remain until Booster installed
-This also means we'll operate the gun and beam line at 130 keV until that time too

Status of the 2020 beam line upgrade

  • Layout
-We have a preliminary ME layout, w/ sequence and approximate tally of elements
-CIS/INJ/CASA are simulating and evaluating layout for functionality and performance now
-Goal is to finalize ME layout and the before v. after by late Feb, give or take
  • Vacuum
-Valves, same number, maybe one less
-IPs, Marcy has as-is tally, should be OK, may need to order couple small pumps
-DP stations, new NEG's for Y- and DP chamber, otherwise the same
  • Magnets
-Solenoids (beamline+chopper), updated bids due Wed 1/15, anticipate quick turnaround
-Wien filters, PO written, coils due early march
-Still need two 20A PS installed
-Still need WIen filter HV PS, switches, cables installed
-15 deg dipole, bids received, anticipate PO within a ~week (more S&A work than usual)
-1 trims now w/ comparator, need the same
-Haimons-style steering coils, should have enough in hand, will order spares once layout done
-Wien correction quads, TBD depends on layout/modeling, may re-use peanut quads initially
-6 trims now, probably need less
  • Diagnostics
-Harp, have two now, aiming for one later
-Viewers, repair cracked YAG; tally is similar to what we have now, final TBD
-Brock cavity, goes away
-Current monitors, keep A1/A2/PCUP
-BPM's, TBD, but similar number
-Magic beam locating device, none
  • RF
-prebuncher, probably the same, but need more power >30W?...TBD
-choppers, leave as-is and decided to retain the captured solenoids (so no vacuum work or removal)
  • Chopping chamber
Designing entirely new 1:1 replacement, not sure it will be ready this SAD, but that's the goal, stay tuned


  • HV Condition Gun2 (1 week)
(X shifts) Tee to 200 kV
  • Gun/NEG tube vacuum work (2-3 weeks)
(10 day) Small shed bake
(X day) HV condition small shed @ 200 kV
(3 day) Replace NEG tube + anode flange
  • Rebuild beam line (7-8 weeks)
(2 days) Make everything safe
(3 days) Disconnects of cables and controls and dumping of penetrations
(2 days) Girder vacuum disconnects and removal to labs and tunnel storing
(2-3 weeks) Wien breakdown + shop work + re-assembly + HV testing + mapping)
(2-3 weeks) Populating new girder layouts with existing hardware + alignments
(3 days) Pedestal modifications
(1 week) Installation, 1A, vacuum hookups, 2A
(2 weeks) Bakeouts
(1 week) Cable reconnects and HCO
  • Beam Commissioning Jobs (2-3 weeks)
(9 shift) HCO w/ beam first time
(2 shift) Injector steering script for new location of correctors and bpm’s
(4 shift) Wien filter spin calibration w/ Mott (at 130 keV)
(4 shift) Wien optics measurements and quadrupole correction
(2 shift) Dipole optics measurement to finalize shims
(2 shift) Develping a matching criteria
(1 shift) PSS kicker @ 130 keV and 200 keV
(9 shift) Gun lifetime checkout