January 14, 2016 - Summer 2016 SAD (4 laser, LLRF, SCAM-II, HVPS)

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As promised, let's plan to meet next Thursday, January 14th at 9am in TL-1227 to discuss 2016 Summer SAD jobs at the source/injector. I'm proposing an agenda below to get everyone on same page and then have some discussion to finalize path forward. We'll try to limit each topic to 15-20 min, but the objective is we'll end the meeting with an integrated and reasonable plan. If you have another topic please let me me know. I would've had the meeting sooner, but this is the first available slot I could find, you busy people!

Please don't hesitate to ask me questions you'd like sorted out in advance - glad to help.

Thanks, Joe


1. Joe - Quick overview of Arne's program goals and summer SAD time table

2. John - Addition and plans of 4th laser to polarized source

3. Roger - SCAM-II requirements and plans, differences from SCAM-I

4. Tomasz - Plans to deploy new dedicated laser LLRF modules for 4-laser system

5. Henry - Consideration (proposal?) to reconfigure PSS/HVPS interface for "always on" 4-hall operation

6. All - Other topics