January 14, 2020 - Modeling

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We'll meet as usual at 2:30pm.

Jobs from last week

  • Joe - send Dennis info to create Wien filter matrix and counter-would solenoid example for CEBAF deck
-See links to UITF and Grames talk, last slide
  • Alicia - update wiki to document conclusion on location of buncher cavity


  • Elegant topics
Wien filter - 6x6 maxtrix
Dipole - field map from Jay
Solenoids - field map from Jay or SW/CW matrices
  • Layout topics
NEG tube
injector steering
PSS kicker A1/A2
  • GPT topics
Review or make list of jobs, sort in priority
  • Hardware topics
Need to assign a new name for Jay's beam line and chopper solenoids
Are field maps for upgrade kept in some source location (dipole, FH, Jay beamline, FG, chopper FA, FD, Jay chopper, FL)
Build an engineering table for PS look-ups (e.g. G-cm/Amp and G2-cm/Amp)