January 16, 2020 - Mechanical engineering

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Last week's to-do

  • Danny
-update layout from gun (new) through QCM (existing), return MFA0I03/MFA0I05 chopper solenoids
-modify drawing for Y-chamber 10" flange NEG supports
  • Shaun
-start looking at fixture for new beamline solenoids
-can someone start building 3-d model, focus is from gun to chopper entrance
  • Joe
-update layout per modelling mtg
  • Marcy
-verify getters ordered short DP can
-tally # of ion pumps, start assigning old => new
  • Phil
-coat y-chamber beam line pipe

New topics

  • Beamline
-timeline for 15 deg dipole bids (Everson-has 3 part, Technicoil-bid 3 part, milhaus-has 2 part)
-John had 3d model of laser room w/ outrigger table, can we incorporate this?
-not urgent, but look at option to replace laser vacuum window 2-3/4" with 4-1/2"
-need to get new nomenclature for 15 deg dipole, beam line solenoid, chopper solenoid
-explore new laser viewer screen made from YAG w/ hole for laser retro/beam setup, and gold coating to bleed charge