January 29, 2016 - 4-laser LLRF meeting

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Pam Kjeldsen, George Lahti, John Hansknecht, Curt Hovater, Tomasz Plawski discussed the plan to develop 4-laser LLRF.


1. Tomasz will design and fabricate the front end and local oscillator.

2. Tomasz to coordinate with LCLS (Sandip and Alex) to finalize use of digitizer boards. Need to agree on path forward by March 1.

3. FPGA could be LCLS or commercial, but Curt prefers we go path of LCLS

* Tomasz would do design and implement with Rama, Chad, Trent
* Provide technical specification to software by May
* Aim to develop and test in the March-April-May time frame
* Need to coordinate with software on final solution e.g. FPGA or PC104

4. Require GSET, PSET and switch for 250/500

5. John would like a digital output for RF on/off state for safe integration to laser amplifier

6. Do we need any special phase wobble or operations ... need to ask Reza ... e.g. for bunch length, etc?

7. We'll meet monthly for now. Target is September installation, but require for December beam test.