January 31, 2019 - Weekly ME Meeting

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Today's Agenda

Gun2 electrode parts discussion media:190131_Gun2Electrode.pdf

Attached is the initial electrode assembly drawing. i will update it and get info together to order parts. some parts have been revised since this drawing. i would also like to show the correct electrode (which i presume to be the T-shaped with the small mushroom). which insulator is used? i presume that one of the new top flanges we just ordered will be the top flange? thanks.

From Reza for Booster layout

Hi Joe,

I have to miss your meeting tomorrow, been here late and we need to finish inj setup tomorrow swing. I have roughly work out lenses and buncher locations between the chopper 2 to booster:

1) buncher falls half way between master slit and first cell of two-cell cavity of the booster.

2) Present lens 5 stays where it is, right after chopper 2. Let's call distance from MSlit to lens 5 "d1".

3) Lens 6 is before buncher at a distance equal to "d1".

4) lens 7 is half way between buncher and first cell of the booster.

5) Spectrometer line is after the buncher.

I have to work out these distances with Danny and Alicia to get real numbers so we can discuss them in the meetings.

Once we agree on the basic structure, we can fit in other elements such as diagnostics, apertures, Fcup, pss, etc.

From the last meeting
  1. Status of layout from Jan 24, 2019 media:190123_gun_to_chopper.pdf
  2. Slides from last media:190123_INJ.pptx (material on slide#4 is new)