June 8, 2016 - Monthly 4-laser Upgrade Status Meeting

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We will have the next 4-laser monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 8 @ 11am EST in TL-1227.

Wiki link here: https://wiki.jlab.org/ciswiki/index.php/June_8,_2016_-_Monthly_4-laser_Upgrade_Status_Meeting

Let's hear about following topics with people listed helping lead the discussion...

Joe - Long term 4-hall Ops

Joe - Short term Summer SAD

John - Laser readiness and plans

Mike - PC104 serial migration (laser amplifiers/TEC controllers)

Roger/Gary - SCAM status

Henry - PSS readiness and plans

Tomasz - LLRF readiness and plans


  • Communication to Amplifiers and TEC controllers
  • Collinearity of lasers to photocathode, Beam Modes, Polarization
  • SCAM testing + photodiode traces of beam modes
  • PSS certification of shutters + good aperture through shutters
  • Screens - Ops support
  • Pre-Beam HCO