March 1, 2016 - Elegant layout with reasonable keV and MeV results

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1. Latest version of UITF model:
   * Source folder here: /a/itfdata/uitf/elegant/160301/
   * Compressed source folder here (remove .txt before uncompressing): media:160301_UITF.tar.gz.txt
2. What's new?
   * Corrected typo in vertical chicane (25 deg) dipoles
   * Adjusted chicane length so floor elevation rises from QCM exit 42" to HDIce entrance 90"
   * Final MKMATCH point in solution mev.matched4.sig size Sx=215um, Sy=135um (need to reduce and round this up)
3. Example plots:
   * keV region 160301 kev.jpeg
   * MeV region 160301 mev.jpeg